Monday, October 17, 2011

Tomato Plants

This year I decided that I wanted to grow my own tomato plants from seed, I started the seeds way back in August (27th I think?) and, due to the lack of warm temperature in my little greenhouse, it took 23 days before they started showing signs of life.

They are starting to get taller but are still quite small, they are mostly around 3-4cm's which is a fair bit smaller than what I had hoped they would be by now. In Melbourne the guide to planting tomatoes in the ground is to have them in by Cup Day and that is fast approaching.

I made the decision that I need to now put them into bigger containers to help encourage quicker growing. I have now put most of the Tommy Toe cherry tom's into hanging baskets and this week I will put the other tomatoes (roma's and beef steaks) that I seeded in egg containers into the paper pots that I've previously made. The ones already in paper pots I've been adding more soil to in order to make them grow bigger and stronger by having more roots.

With the Tommy Toes I've put 3 in each hanging basket and planted them as deep as I could to encourage stronger plants which is why you can barely see some of them:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chook Proofing The Backyard

I've had my chooks for 2 weeks now and they are settling in quite well. I haven't let them free range yet as I needed to do some work around the yard first and today that got done. I also had a friend come around and help me clip their wings so they wont try to fly away.

To chook proof the backyard I needed to block up all the gaps under the fence and I finally got around to doing it today.

This pile of bricks was as high as the top one that you can see - that's a lot of bricks that I moved and it probably wasn't a good idea considering I have severe tendonitis in both my thumbs, oh well - it had to be done.

I also built my compost bin - it's 3 pellets with black plastic around the outside to stop it from being in contact with my colorbond fence