Friday, September 30, 2011

I now have chooks!

That's right, I am now the proud owner of chooks! After sending her several emails over the past few months I finally went and visited Bianca at Abundant Layers in Emerald and came home with 3x 8 week old Salmon Faverolles! I had been put onto this bread by a person at my local Pet Stock as they become quite heavy and don't end up flying and due to their fluffy feet they don't destroy the garden as much with their scratchings. Plus I also really like the colourings of them - they are a nice soft colour.

As they are only 8 weeks old it will be 10-12 weeks before eggs but that's OK cos they are SO CUTE!! I'm loving the noises that they make :D

Here they are in the box I transported them in. They were so cute in the car with their little noises that they make, but they didn't really like it when the car stopped and then took off again as I figure they had no grip in the box and were sliding around

Here they are just after I put them in their run after having spread straw, wood shavings in their house and put food and water out

After I finally encouraged them into their house and out of the rain, they tried to hide in the corner of their house behind their food. Having their food inside their very secure house not only keeps it dry for them but also will stop mice etc from getting to it (hopefully!)

As there is nothing on the bottom of their wire run area I have put bricks around the outside of it to stop foxes and other animals from trying to dig in

Last night there was a LOT of rain, I was worried for the welfare of my chooks but figured that tough love was needed - they were all still alive this morning when I opened the door to their run - YaY!

Here are some pics from this afternoon - they are finally brave enough now to scratch around outside in their run area and have I mentioned that they are so CUTE??!

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