Monday, September 12, 2011

Vegies Update 12/09/11

Time for some updated pics of my vegies in my patch! I should add that I've now picked all the broccoli off my original 6 plants. They do have side shoots happening and I'm not sure if I should let them get big or eat them small - anyone?

I took these pics yesterday afternoon and the sun was being a bit annoying, so sorry about tht

Onion and Garlic - they are still going strong

The second lot of onions and garlic are slowly getting there

My broad beans are flowering and still putting on some height - I'd like them to get a bit taller though before they fruit but I wont get a say in it, I had to add some more string

My first lot of cauliflower is still growing big yet no sign of the cauliflower head - hopefully soon

This is one of the broccoli offshoots - to cut now or let it grow bigger?

I have a bonus leek growing! This must have been from last years crop - bonus!

This seasons leeks are getting tall now and slowly getting thicker

Snow peas are also getting quite big and needed some more string to grow on and if you look closely you can see a flower or two

Spinach is getting big - I really need to cut these bigger leaves off

Spring onions are almost at a point where I could start eating them I reckon

My second planting of broccoli are getting big, I reckon a head will start poking out soon

The second planting of Cauliflowers are also getting bigger and I think I may have finally stopped them being eaten by the snails cos I squished them with my boot!

And finally - my potted colour are doing well :D

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