Saturday, August 27, 2011

Backyard Garden Edging Done!!

I have done so many jobs around the garden this weekend but my main achievement has been to finally get my backyard garden edging and framework in place! It was a job that I wasn't really looking forward to doing as I wanted to ensure that they are all level and straight and neat and tidy. Thankfully there was no concrete involved so that made things a bit easier, but still when you are making a really long row these things need to be done right!
Yesterday I spent 3 hrs measuring, levelling, measuring, banging, measuring some more etc I think you get the idea and then today my friends Kirsten and Russell came around with their powered saw and helped me finish off the edges by cutting the remaining bits of wood to the required sizes. They also gave me a bit of wood from their left overs pile from their garden edging as I was 81cm short! Thanks Guys!!

I think i'm going to have to redo some of the posts after it all settles into place etc but that's to be expected

Today I also finally got my bum into gear and did the first coat of stain on the cyprus posts of my pergola.

Ok so here are the pics!

Oh and here is George the Gourmet Farmer

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