Monday, August 22, 2011

Vegies Update 22/08/11

I haven't had much spare time lately to spend time out in the vegie patch but tonight I got just under an hour of daylight out there to potter around, pull out some weeds, do some more string ropes for my snow peas to climb up and to water them with some seasol and molasses - it was a nice way to end the daylight house.

Last week was a week full of rain and this week is going to be several days of 20/21 degrees - great growing conditions!

Onto the photo updates:

The first planting of Onions and Garlic are still going well:

Second planting of Onions and Garlic aren't doing as well - not sure why they are yellowing - anyone know? They are planted right next to the first lot

Broad beans are still soldiering on

Cauliflowers are getting big - can't wait to see the edible bit growing

Broccoli - one of them is almost ready to pick!!

The Leeks are getting really tall

The snow peas are also getting taller - I've added some more string for them to grow on today

Spinach is growing nicely still even though I chopped a lot of it off the other day to eat

The Spring Onions are slowly growing - hurry up!!

The second planting of Broccoli and Cauliflower are starting to get bigger

I have a BIG snail problem so I've put out a few containers with beer in them - the theory is that they love the taste, they go into the container, get drunk and then drown. I was going to put snail pellets down but it's not a good idea seeing as I will be getting chooks soon
My first victim


  1. I wondered why all the wire around the gardens…..chooks, there you go.
    Your veggie gardens are very impressive Lisa, well done, looks like you’ll be feeding the relies as well with it all.

  2. Thanks Michelle! The wire was originally to stop the rabbits from getting in and eating everything but it will also help once I get the chooks. The wire is also really easy to remove so I will be able to open them up for the chooks to clean up the vegie bed as well