Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chooks Update 2/11/11

This Friday will be 5 weeks since I got my chooks - I can't believe it's been that long already! I still haven't named them all yet, I need to tie some colour cable ties or something around one of their legs so I can tell them apart, although one of them had it's tail feather pecked out so she is identifiable and her name is Polly, well today it is and it may change again.

The changes in their behaviour was slow at first but now they are getting really quite bold and confident. They can still be scaredy cats but I think that's just part of their nature.
Polly often tries to follow me through the garage door or the living room door - I think they just want to know what is on the other side and they often follow me around the backyard which is really cute.

I kept them in their house/coop area for the first two weeks so that they knew that that was their home and then after chocking up the holes under the fence with bricks, some friends came around and we clipped a wing on each of them and since then I've pretty much let them roam around the backyard and they love it!! If I am going out for the night then I find it hard to get them back to their house to sleep for the night but left on their own they go back there when it starts to get dark.
They love getting food scraps too and especially meat, they love meat!
No eggs as yet as they are only 12 weeks old and they wont lay for another 8 or so weeks.

Loving the weeds

Roaming around

Loving the new straw in their freshly cleaned cage

Cleaning up the freshly emptied vegie bed #2

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