Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tomatoes are planted!

My tomatoes are finally planted! I had the day off work today which gave me some time out in the garden. I had to fork over the whole area and pull all the weeds out which took about an hour to do and then plant the tomato seedlings in their paper pots. I then covered them all with milk cartons to try to stop the slugs n snails from getting them and my chooks.
I also put my wine barrels in position for where I want to put my lemon and lime trees so that I didn't end up putting tomatoes where I wanted to put them

All up I planted 4 Beefsteak plants and 11 Roma tomatoes

There are a lot of runner weeds in the area of the tomatoes so I need to buy some weedkiller and spray them all as I just couldn't get rid of it all. I will also fence the area off from the chooks

Big thanks to Melissa, Kirsten and Russell for saving all their milk bottles for me!

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