Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today's Backyard Adventure - More Vegies

Today I decided that I was going to do more gardening - not really surprising is it :) I decided I was going to make more garden beds for more vegies and get a half wine barrel for my horseradish to grow in.

I ended up buying some sweet corn, capsicums, zucchini and spring onions

Here is the finished product of the Horseradish in the half wine barrel - I decided to put it in a half wine barrel so that it didn't take over my garden. I think I will also add some spring onions to it this week too

Here is the horseradish in the pot that my friend Chris gave me - holes in the leaves courtesy of the chooks
Before I could put soil in the half wine barrel, I had to drill plenty of drainage holes

I also cleaned up the area that I put the half wine barrel and moved my herbs in pots to the area too

After that I needed to decide where I was going to plant the next lot of vegies, here are some before shots

I then spent a while turning over the soil in the area and trying to pull out some of the weeds too. I sprayed all the weeds yesterday so they are in the process of dying anyway.

When I was digging I found lots of really BIG wormies

And also 2 of these which I thought might have been witchety grubs but might also be white curl grub?? Whatever they are, the chooks enjoyed eating them

Here is my corn planted, 11 plants I think and spring onions all up the right hand side

Capsicums - 8 plants

4 Zucchini plants

Chook proofed!

It didn't stop the chooks trying to check it all out though - they are a bit miffed about the barrier

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