Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The First Egg From My Chooks!

Today I got my first egg from my chooks!!

My chooks are almost 21 weeks old now and should be laying eggs but they aren't, so around lunch time today I had a stern word to them to let them know that if they didn't start laying eggs soon that there would be trouble! They are still really cute and fun to watch so there wouldn't really be trouble but still, ya gotta threaten these things sometimes ;)

This afternoon I heard one of them making a huge racket from out the back and then the other ones chimed in so I went to investigate. One of my chooks (Bessie - yes I can tell them apart now!!) was sitting in the laying box and had moved all the hay around but there wasn't an egg. I think I then freaked her out and she left the chook house and went around to the narrow side of the house. I figured I should probably leave her alone. She kept making a heap of noise and then she went quiet so I went to go check things out. As I turn the corner, the three chooks are all standing there and Bessie is kind of squatting and I was wondering if that meant an egg was coming, sure enough a few seconds later an egg appeared from all the feathers and rolled along the ground!! Amazing! Not only did I get my first egg from them but I saw it happen!

It was tiny!

I decided it had to be eaten so pan fried it

It was so small, this is the cooked egg on a bread and butter side plate. It tasted pretty good

Comparing the red comb of Bessie to Polly and Daisy I think it might be a bit longer before Polly and Daisy start laying but at least one of them has started. I also hope the eggs get bigger in size

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