Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vegie Update 28/12/11

About 3 weeks ago I cleared out 3 of the 4 vegie beds and they needed planting out. I had let the chooks into them for a bit to scratch around and so on and then 1.5 weeks ago I bought a heap of seedlings. Fortunately I only got around to planting them today. I say fortunately because of the big storms we had on Christmas day it meant that they didn't get destroyed!

Today I finally planted them all in the garden and vegie beds

This bed, Vegie Bed 1, has snow peas at the back, celery, capsicum and lettuce at the front and basil planted in all the gaps. At the back of this bed is some reo that I have put into the ground for the snow peas to grow up (I love recycling)

In Vegie Bed 2, this was planted out at the start of December and has Corn up the back

Capsicum in the middle and a zucchini plant at the front. I also planted out some basil today in there. There were 3 zucchini plants in here but more on that later

In Vegie Bed 2 there are self sown tomatoes from last year popping up everywhere - this one is amongst the corn and I think I will leave it there to see what happens

This is down the side of vegie bed 2 and there are tomtoes popping up here too - I plan to leave most of them there also and grow them around the wire (thanks for the idea Wayne!)

Vegie Bed 3 has more corn up the back, more celery, basil and lettuce

I decided that having 3 zucchinis in vegie bed 2 was two too many so decided to relocate 2 of them. I don't know if they will survive or not but it was that or just pull them out and not try, here they are in their new location and I also planted a new zucchini with them

I put 2 Beefsteak tomatoes into pots and today I decided that I would plant them into the garden - here they are at the bottom/ front of the pic. These were grown from seed at the same time as the 2 at the back of the pic - they seemed to do better in the pot so I hope they continue to do ok now in the garden

I also planted some Butternut Pumpkin today. I am going to get them to grow up a trellis. This trellis is (I think) an old single bed frame that I got out of next doors rubbish cage when they were building. Did I mention I like recycling?

In front of the pumpkin I planted another two zucchini

I will mulch them all tomorrow and tomorrow I will be buying more seedlings for Vegie Bed 4 which is currently empty - I'm thinking some beans but unsure what else at this point

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