Saturday, December 17, 2011

Home Made Pumpkin Soup and Stock

Today I decided that it was time to use the two frozen chicken carcasses in the freezer to make some stock - they were from previously home cooked roast chooks.

I bought some extra little chicken bits, I usually use chicken wings as they are cheap, but used some other cuts as they were on special and had both skin and bones with the meat which is key.

After browning off these chicken bits in some butter to create some flavour. I then added 3 home grown leeks, a carrot 3 sticks of celery and some home grown garlic and heated them up, after a few minutes I added the frozen carcasses and then covered it all with some cold water and added in some home grown herbs of thyme, oregano and rosemary and then left it to heat up and summer away for over 3 hrs.

Stock cooking

I then strained the stock in a tea towel lined strainer and returned the liquid to the pot where I added butternut pumpkin, a sliced onion and a carrot.

Stock strained

Pumpkin cooking in the stock

After cooking for about an hour I then whizzed it all up and with some added cream, salt and pepper and voila

Pumpkin soup

I reckon that this is the best stock that I've ever made and that also means the best pumpkin soup I've ever made - Winning!

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