Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 New vegie beds + latest seedlings

So I've been busy in the vegie garden of late - here's what's been happening

A few weeks ago I built more vegie beds

Last week I got 1m3 of soil delivered to fill them up ready for planting

Here are my onions and garlic that I planted a while ago - can't remember when but they are going well

2-3 weeks ago I planted a second round of garlic and onion and they popping up well.  I also planted broadbeans and they have started to sprout too

Broccoli and cauliflower that I planted at the same time as the first lot of garlic and onions are doing great.  Today I added some onions and garlic to fill up the empty space

Today I also planted the first lot of vegies in the new beds

Snow peas

Spinach and spring onions

More broccoli

More cauliflower

The new beds are also all now rabbit proofed with wire around them

I also planted garlic in most of the beds to fill in spaces etc

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