Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm growing mushrooms!

This morning I decided that I wanted to grow mushrooms. I knew that Bunnings had kits to do this in styrofoam boxes but wasn't sure how good they were as I'm skeptical about certain things like that from there. I threw the question onto Facebook and the resounding response was that they were a dud and not to waste my money. Poo :( Then my friend Kirsten said that she has previously bought a similar setup from a guy at the Hurstbridge Farmers Market and the monthly market just so happened to be on this morning - Win!

It's all good and well to head to a Farmers Market for a specific item but there are so many other things there that it can be quite a hit on the hip pocket. Not only did I buy the mushroom kit I also bought dumplings, pate, cheese, my favourite chilli salsa (and they remembered me!) and some fresh bread - all of it is sooooooooo yummy!!!

Anyway, back to the mushrooms. The kit was only $19.50 and he told me that he is also the guy that supplies them to Bulleen Art and Garden - my favourite garden nursery which is all about organics and sustainable gardening.

So this is what you get - a box full of stuff

You get an instruction sheet, although they tell you what you need to do when you buy it

A bag of black casing soil

And this is the starting of the mushrooms and how it comes in the box all enclosed in the black plastic bag - swiss browns on the left and normal button mushrooms on the right

You crumbled the black casing soil over the top:

You then wrap the bag back up for 10-12 days (at this time of year) and then store it in a cupboard

Hopefully in 10-12 days I should have the start of some mushrooms poking through :D

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  1. I hope you have better luck than I did when I bought one of those…’s the easiest thing to do, but I managed to kill mine! :(