Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Have A Chook House & Run

I am now a very proud owner of a chook house and run!! :D
As a few people know, for a while I've been wanting to get some chooks for my backyard. Not only do they produce eggs and lots of good fertiliser for the garden but they are awesome pets as well! A guy I used to work with said he much preferred his chooks to his dog as they were so fascinating to watch.

The first step to owning chooks is to ensure have somewhere safe and secure for them to live. A month or two ago I found the ideal chook house for my backyard but as it's the middle of winter (not an ideal time for buying new chooks in Melbourne) I wasn't in a hurry to buy it. This week the store was having 20% off store wide so I went forth and purchased!!

Today I assembled it, after a bit of swearing, lots of frustration and 3 broken nails I now have an assembled Chook House and run!!

Start with a few boxes

This is what it is mean to look like - lets see if it does once I'm done ;)

Lay everything out so you can see what you've got

Yup it looks the same! The run is on the left and on the near side of the house bit is the laying area

Where they should lay their eggs and it has a hinged roof for easy access

The back of the chook house. The bottom of this is a tray that slides out for easy cleaning, you can see the ring pulls on the tray

Looking through the back door - you can see the roosting poles and the door on the far wall which is closed in this pic

From the end of the run - you can see the little door is open in this pic that will keep them secure in the house at night

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