Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beef Bourguignon TdF Inspired

Today is my Sunday Cookup day and in light of the fact that Cadel Evans has just won this years Tour de France, the first Australian to ever win it (!!!!!!), I decided to cook Beef Bourguignon in my French Le Chasseur pot and boy did it taste GOOD!!

Start with a heap of ingredients

Brown the diced blade (about 1.5kg's) in batches and put aside. In the pan cook up a diced onion, garlic and about 200grams of bacon until the onion is soft.
Once that's cooked put the beef back into the pot with the bacon and onion with 2-3 sliced carrots, a big dollop of tomato paste and pour in a combination of enough beef stock and red wine to cover in liquid (I used about 500mls red wine and 750mls of beef stock). Add in a bouquet garni - I used thyme, oregano and bay leaves

Cover and cook at a simmer for about 90 minutes. After this time add in about 15 small onions, peeled, and about 500g of button mushrooms.

Cook with the lid off for a further 90minutes or so or until the thickness of it is at a consistency that you are happy with - I like the gravy to be really thick and rich - YUM!!!

Serve up the portions for lunches for the week and then enjoy a bowl full for dinner

Well done Cadel! You have done Australia proud and I am beyond excited about it!

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