Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lemon, Butter & Herb Home Roasted Chook n Veg

Tonight I decided to cook a roast chook - I love home roasted chook, the ones from the shops don't even compare. Sure only the herbs were home grown but I am going to include cooking here too as I love sharing pics of the things I cook.

First off, start with one of these:

Melt some butter, finely chop up some fresh herbs from your own garden, in this case I used thyme and oregano, juice of about one lemon and combine it all with some salt in a bowl.
Quarter a lemon and put two in the cavity of the chook with some garlic and also some of the herbs, tie the legs together and then smother the whole chook in the butter and herb mixture.

Bake for a while, the time really depends on the size of the chook. Baste it a few times and turn the vegies and you end up with this

Rest the chook under some foil and then put the vegies back into a cranked up oven to get crispy

Once you've eaten and carved up the entire bird, grab all the bones and bits n pieces that you wont eat and put them in a bag to be used to make chicken stock - don't waste anything!

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